Singapore Marina Bay Panorama

Creating a very wide image, known as panoramic photograph, will cost you a bomb if you are using a specialized panoramic camera, like the Fuji GX617, Linhof 617SIII and Hasselblad XPan. But thanks to modern image processing technology, you can now create a panoramic photograph using any camera and stitch multiple images together using panoramic photography software like AutoPano Pro, PanoramaPlus, PTGui, EasyPano, Panorama Factory and many others in the market. And if you own a Canon digital camera, you will have a free software from Canon that will allow you to stitch images to create a panoramic photograph. Some of these software are pretty advanced and can really create a high quality panoramic photograph.

But, thanks to technology again, both on software and hardware, many of you can now create a panoramic photograph on the go. You can shoot multiple images and let the software stitch them all together for you. And while it’s stitching the images, you can still receive a phone call from your loved ones on the same device, checking where you are. So, guys, if you own an iPhone running iOS 4 or later (mine is the iPhone 4s running iOS 5), buy this app called AutoStitch that only cost  you US$ 1.99 and you have a little panoramic machine in your pocket.

These two panoramic images of the Singapore Marina Bay were shot using the iPhone 4s and stitched using AutoStitch app. The second one below was taken 23 minutes after the first one above (7.03pm and 7.26pm). The light changing fast after sunset and the “twilight zone” caused the sky to become more bluish. The iPhone seemed to increase the ISO automatically and hence you can see the one below is a little more grainy than the above. But, I guarantee if you print it, you won’t really notice those grains.

Pretty impressive huh? So, go out have fun and create panoramic images using your iPhone. Don’t just play Angry Birds.  🙂

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