Singapore Dying Trades

Some of the Singapore’s dying trades are shown in the images here.  All these were shot with the 645Pro app on iPhone 4s using the H5 black and white setting.

The first trade above is the roadside cobbler. It was shot in Chinatown. You can still find quite a lot of roadside cobblers around Singapore, but they may not be around for long as many of them are already old.

The next one here is the fruits seller in Chinatown. I am not quite sure about this one, but I saw a sign saying “Diminishing Trade” near her stall before. The sign seemed to be an official one from the government.

The next images below were taken at the oldest flea market in Singapore, the Sungei Road flea market. A lot of construction work going on now as a new MRT station is being built there. They have probably moved from their original location due to this construction.

And the last trade I have here is the watch repair man. I saw them in Chinatown. The man was initially working alone when I first saw him. His friend came a while later and started working on a watch too.

Do you know of any other diminishing trades in Singapore I should take the photograph of? Let me know please and I’ll go and shoot. Thank you!


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