Shot on iPhone in Bromo

During my last trip to Bromo, East Java, Indonesia, I traveled with both my iPhone 4s and my Canon DSLR. The iPhone camera and the apps created for iPhone photography have become better with each release. We, the photographers, now live in a world spoiled with options. Good options. Cameras have become smaller, lighter and more affordable and produce excellent quality of images. Traveling for the photographers, at least for me, has become so much more convenient nowadays since I do not need to carry only my big cameras and heavy lenses. I have options now. Good options.

Don’t get me wrong. My DSLR camera and its lenses still and will continue to produce excellent images. I am just mainly sharing that you can take great photos using your phone that is always with you, 99.99% of the time. And for me, that phone is the iPhone.

The two images below were shot when I was still using the iPhone 4s. I used it for about 4 years. I skipped two versions of iPhone before I finally replaced the 4s with the 6 and 6s. Love the two images below, two of the best images I took on that trip.

We went up to Pananjakan viewpoint on our first morning to watch the sunrise. Despite our effort to leave the hotel at 3am, the place was already crowded and the good spots were already taken and reserved with tripods. This was my 4th trip to Bromo, so I thought maybe I just explored other angle of shooting the Bromo sunrise rather than the usual angle from the usual good spots. So I shot these happy photographers watching and photographing sunrise in Bromo.

Sunrise in Bromo - shot on iPhone by Hendra Lauw

The one below was shot the next morning from a location not too far from our hotel. The glorious cloud formation appeared from behind the Mount Batok. Good view.

Shot on iPhone in Bromo - by Hendra Lauw

So, have you been shooting with your iPhone?


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