Red Green Yellow

I believe you know what they are. Red, green and yellow peppers. Cut, mixed and stacked together. I first shot this kind of image probably 7 years ago, but the file has already been archived on DVD. Back then I archived my photos on two sets of DVDs and it’s painful to do the search now. The price of hard disk 7 years ago was much higher, so I couldn’t justify to keep buying hard disk.

So, I shot this again today. Slightly different style and simpler using only available light in my living room this late afternoon. The lens was my Canon 100mm f/2.8L Macro set at f/11. I didn’t want the aperture to be smaller to avoid the effect of light diffraction that may cause the image to become softer. ISO was 100 and shutter speed was 0.6 seconds. Camera was of course mounted on tripod and shutter release cable was used. I bought three peppers, but was only able to mix and match two “new” peppers. The other one is below. Which one do you like the most?


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