Nikon Df on a family trip to Indonesia

I brought the Nikon Df and two large aperture lenses with me on my family trip to Indonesia. All fit nicely in a small messenger bag. The one thing that I immediately noticed upon receiving the Df, aside from its vintage design and look, was its weight. It’s very light for a DSLR camera.

We were on a mission trip to surprise our family. My daughter wanted to especially surprise her grandma and cousin. The two cousins were born about six months apart and almost have the same size of sandals now.

Hendra Lauw Photography

I could have shot in Aperture Priority, but again, I chose all Manual so I could play with all the buttons and dials. I am a sucker for them. 🙂

The Auto White Balance in the outdoor setting gave me a more accurate skin tone, compared to my old Nikon DSLR. Hence, it required little adjustment in Adobe Lightroom.

I did not want the background to be distracting, so all these were shot at f/1.4, the largest aperture of the AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.4G lens. A very sharp lens.

Hendra Lauw - Life through the Lens

I love photographing people, especially documenting the life of my own family. When my daughter was born, I took her photos daily for the first year. The passion for family photography continues until now. There are a lot of small cameras on the market nowadays. It’s a consumer market now. Many have dumped their big DSLR cameras in favor of smaller mirror less cameras. But I can actually imagine having Nikon Df and 50mm f/1.8 lens as a daily camera, since it’s not that big and it’s also light. Christmas is coming. Are you listening, Santa?

When I shoot family portraits, I like to let the family members be in their most natural pose. I will let them talk and forget that I am there. I love photographing smiles, laughter and family interactions. Something to cherish many years from now for these two 9 year old cousins.

Hendra Lauw Photography

Hendra Lauw Photography

Hendra Lauw Photography

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