Kristen – My Stranger No. 29

Meet Kristen, my stranger no. 29. Kristen came from a place near Guangzhou in China and is on a solo vacation trip in Singapore now. She said her hometown is famous for chenpi (Chinese: 陈皮), or preserved orange peel. She is working in a fashion-related industry there, if I understand her correctly.

After a long hiatus, I am resuming this personal project that I first started 7 years ago in August 2010. Read what I wrote when I started the project here. I will finish this project this year.

100 Stranger Photography Project


"A photographer and a memory keeper (a.k.a junks collector) who finally decided to quit his day job in 2017 after two decades to focus full time on photography. Check out also his outdoor children, family and pet photography work at

In 2010, this website won the Singapore Best Photography Blog Award."

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