Kbal Spean Waterfall

Kbal Spean is located in Cambodia, about 90 minutes ride from Siem Reap and then another 45 minute uphill trekking. It is also known as the valley of 1000 lingas. When the water is low or none at all during dry season,  you can see clearly the beautiful carvings on the stones on the river bed. There are also few small waterfall and couple bigger ones. I decided not to bring my tripod with me due to the uphill trekking required to reach this place. I left the tripod with the tuk tuk driver.

As I wanted to shoot at slow shutter speed to create that silky smooth effect on the water, I had to rest the camera on a rock to avoid handshake. I had to almost lie down on my tummy in order to get the angle I wanted above.


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