Good Morning!

I love mountains, especially in the early morning when the air is cold and crisp. It’s serene with only me and the mountain and my camera in between. This was taken when I visited Mount Bromo in East Java, Indonesia last week. The mountain you see in the photos here is not Mt. Bromo, but I unfortunately forgot to ask the locals when I was there. I will ask them when I go back there again … soon … my fourth visit to this lovely place and it won’t be the last I believe.

I was lucky that morning as the sky was clear and hence I could see the layers of mountains and mist changing colors from dark foreground to the orange sky. What a beautiful scene. The image below was taken about 8 minutes after the above and you can see that it was getting brighter fast.

On a separate note, I have been working on a personal photography project since few weeks ago. I will reveal the details of this project in my next blog entry. So please come back to check it out.


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