Fuji X100s – First Impression

Fuji X100s

I rented the newly released Fuji X100s last weekend and had only few hours to play with it. But, that’s enough!!! Enough for me to rent it again today! Will play with it again some more. For those who are interested in renting camera and lenses in Singapore, visit this Camera Rental Centre near Clarke Quay.

So, that’s me shooting with the Fuji X100s near the construction site of the Jalan Besar MRT station. I managed to draw the attention of some people walking there.

All images here were shot in RAW format and then converted to JPEG with almost no post processing. I cropped two of them and converted one to black and white. I actually shot it in black and white but I don’t know why it’s showing in color when I downloaded it.

First impression?

Excellent little camera. I think I am going to clear my dry cabinet, sell some old stuffs to fund the .. ahem … purchase of this little camera. But no stock in Singapore at the moment. New stocks coming in in 1 – 2 week time. I have done my research. 🙂

Fuji X100s- Hendra Lauw

Tips and trick: use a small aperture to shoot into the sun to have a sunburst effect. I used f/16 for the image above.


Image below was shot at ISO 4000.


Image below was shot at ISO 5000.


And finally, the one below was shot at ISo 6400. Very very usable.


What’s more I like about the camera? It has an Optical Viewfinder (OVF) as well as EVF (Electronic View Finder). Yes, an optical viewfinder in a non-SLR camera. Lovely technology Fuji.





The one below was cropped. I was making my way to dinner to end the night when I saw this man in crutches walking to get a cab.


This is the original version:


And lastly, I did not end my night here.   🙂  I went to have satay and mutton briyani somewhere else.


The last image was also cropped and converted to black and white in Adobe Lightroom. I actually shot it in black and white mode in the camera though. Not sure why Lightroom is reading the file as colored. I am sure there will be updates coming soon from Adobe to better support the raw files of Fuji X100s.

Gotta go now to pick up the camera from the rental shop. See you somewhere on the streets of Singapore if you are out shooting tonight.

  • Kee ChuaJune 4, 2013 - 10:04 pm

    I bought mine a few weeks ago, probably the last one is bought by me at the Alan Photo at the Sim Lim Square. I used the sigma DP2 for the last 3 years and taking almost 20 000 photos with the camera, recently I have decided finally to venture into a little bit of low light and so I bought the X100S. It is an excellent camera, although I still feel there is more punch in my DP2 at good light, but X100S is good enough for me to use it daily in replace of my DP2. I still do not like as much the Bokeh from X100S compared to the DP2 (with a macro lens).

    The thing I like about the X100S is that it is so intuitive to adjust all the parameters, I just simply love it. It is also very responsive, and good resolution at most ISO. The DP2 is also kind of intuitive that I can adjust all parameters in a brief. Glad to own these two camera!

    I am not posting a lot of photos on my web because I mainly write poem, coupled with one piece of photo sometime, those were taken by the DP2.


    • Hendra LauwJune 5, 2013 - 10:36 pm

      Hi Kee Chua,
      Thanks for commenting and sharing your experience with X100s and DP2. I checked your website and I love your poems. Very very nice. Keep writing. 🙂ReplyCancel

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