Bubblegum Fun

I still cannot do this until now. But my daughter was so determined that she kept trying for the past several months until finally, yesterday, when we attended the baptism of my friend’s baby at the church of St. Mary of the Angels, she showed me that she could blow the chewing gum’s bubble. I was at the church to shoot the baptism of my friend’s baby and I had my DSLR fitted with Canon 85mm f/1.2L. I was not the main photographer and hence the chosen lens worked well as it gave me enough working distance so I did not block the main photographer.

All photos shot at aperture f/1.2 and ISO 1600. I love the smooth bokeh. And below is the sequence. The one above is the third from last which I took out from the collage below.

Now, time to vote! No! Time to thank you all. The voting for the Singapore Blog Awards 2011 ended yesterday. My sincere thanks to those who have voted and/or rallied for me. The final decision will be based on 30% voting + 70% judges scores and will be announced on 23rd July. THANK YOU again everyone!


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