Best iPhone Photos – Part 2

Best iPhone photos of mine that I have taken in the past 2 months are here. I have many others that I also like, but I think here are some that I really like. All these were shot on my iPhone 4s and processed directly in the iPhone. They are of various subjects too. Hope you like them.

I have a similar shot of the image below taken few years ago with my Canon DSLR. Check it out here.

This was shot after a heavy rain one morning in Marina Bay. The water droplets on the railing tell the story.

The following two images below were shot from inside a taxi. I love shooting from a taxi when it’s raining.  🙂

This is a panning shot of a taxi.

Keep shooting everyone and by the way, if you missed Part 1, go here. For a complete set of my iPhoneography, follow me on my Instagram, @dshooter. You can view them here.

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