At Home on Tuesday 18/1/11

They are not the sharpest photos I have ever taken, but I love the interaction between the two of them while sitting on the floor in our living room. No, they didn’t pose for me, in case you ask. This is one of those rare moments at home now when my daughter doesn’t complain and give me her angry look while I aim my camera at her continuously. She probably thinks that she had already given me enough opportunity to shoot her during her first 4 years when she would happily allow me to shoot her. BTW, I shot her everyday in her first one year, except for a two week period when I had to be on business trip overseas.

For those who are interested, they were shot using my 1D IV and 85mm f/1.2L at f/1.2 and 1/200sec and ISO 2000. Shot in color and converted to toned black and white and I added some grains in Lightroom 3.


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