Singapore Marina Bay Panorama

Creating a very wide image, known as panoramic photograph, will cost you a bomb if you are using a specialized panoramic camera, like the Fuji GX617, Linhof 617SIII and Hasselblad XPan. But thanks to modern image processing technology, you can now create a panoramic photograph using any camera and stitch multiple images together using panoramic photography software like AutoPano Pro, PanoramaPlus, PTGui, EasyPano, Panorama Factory and many others in the market. And if you own a Canon digital camera, you will have a free software from Canon that will allow you to stitch images to create a panoramic photograph. Some of these software are pretty advanced and can really create a high quality panoramic photograph.

But, thanks to technology again, both on software and hardware, many of you can now create a panoramic photograph on the go. MORE +

Free Wallpaper – July 2011

My sincere apology for being late and thank you to those who have emailed me asking about the free wallpaper for July 2011. Here you go, the free wallpaper for July 2011 for your personal use only. The wallpaper has 3:2 format and has been re-sized to 1920 x 1280 pixels.MORE +

A Setting Sun and Haiku

gently it goes down
as the sky turning to dark
another day gone

Boracay is well known for its beautiful sunset. The sun is setting, hiding beneath the horizon, just in front of you.MORE +

Journey to El Nido

I traveled to El Nido, Philippines in June 2007 with my family and few other friends. We left Manila early morning and took a small propeller aircraft, I believe it was an 18-seater, that brought us to El Nido, at the northern tip of Palawan island. The hotel where we stayed was another 1 hour wonderful-full-of-blue-sky-and-water journey by boat from the El Nido airport. Full of mid tone color, and you know when you are shooting a scene that is full of mid tone color, you almost can’t get anything wrong. Your camera exposure system will be alright as that’s how they are calibrated. So, just point and shoot, but since you have traveled that far, try to check the LCD monitor once a while to make sure everything is OK.  :)  The technology is there to help you. The photos posted here were shot using both my DSLR and point-and-shoot cameras.


Dusk at Uluwatu Bali

This is one the famous temples in Bali, Pura Luhur Uluwatu, taken shortly after sunset. I took this in December 2007 during a vacation in Bali. The temple is located at the top of Uluwatu cliff about 70 meters above the Indian Ocean on the southern tip of Bali. The spot where I was offered a drop dead view of the waves crashing against the base of the cliff. MORE +

Sunset at Montemar Beach

Montemar beach is located in the Bataan Province, about 3 hour drive from Manila. When the weather is good during sunset, you can see the sun going down in the horizon, similar to what you can see in Kuta, Bali. The photo above was taken when the sun was already below the horizon during the short golden moment after sunset when you can still see nice color of the sky. Exposure was 1 minute at f/13 and ISO 400.

Sunset at Seminyak Beach Bali

A Surfer on a Bike on Seminyak Beach

Kuta, Legian and Seminyak share a long stretch of beach in the west coast of Bali. And hence the usual beautiful sunset in Kuta can be viewed from either one of them. The wet portion of the dark fine sand beach will serve as a mirror and give you nice reflection to add into the composition.MORE +