SG50 Fireworks at Marina Bay Singapore – NDP2015 Rehearsal

Singapore is celebrating its 50 years of independence on August 9th this year. Practices and rehearsals for the National Day Parade (NDP) have started since many weeks ago and since last week, it includes the fireworks too. If you are in Singapore, you can still enjoy the fireworks on the following dates:

– 18 July – rehearsal
– 25 July – rehearsal
– 1 August – Preview
– 9 August – NDP 2015

The fireworks will start at about 7:30pm. This is a very short one, followed by few short ones every 10 minutes after that. The complete fireworks will start at about 8:15pm. The areas around the Marina Bay are generally good spots to watch the fireworks. These include the Esplanade, One Fullerton, Jubilee Bridge, Marina Promenade and Gardens by the Bay East. The ones below were taken from the Gardens by the Bay East. It is a good place for picnic too. So, if you are family with children, this place is ideal. It will be quite packed on 9th August though. So, come early. Have fun and enjoy the fireworks.

Singapore NDP2015 SG50 Fireworks 1

Singapore NDP2015 SG50 Fireworks 2

Singapore NDP2015 SG50 Fireworks 3

Singapore NDP2015 SG50 Fireworks 4

Singapore NDP2015 SG50 Fireworks 5

Singapore NDP2015 SG50 Fireworks 6

Singapore NDP2015 SG50 Fireworks 7

Singapore NDP2015 SG50 Fireworks 8

Singapore NDP2015 SG50 Fireworks 9

Singapore NDP2015 SG50 Fireworks 10

Singapore NDP2015 SG50 Fireworks 11

Singapore NDP2015 SG50 Fireworks 12

Singapore NDP2015 SG50 Fireworks 13

The Key Master In Joo Chiat – Singapore’s Vanishing Trade

The Key Master in Joo Chiat - Singapore's Diminishing Trade

He looked very focused when I saw him sorting out the keys on the floor. He didn’t seem to have problem looking at them from a normal reading distance. At his age of 78 (I believe that’s what he told me his age), he certainly still have pretty good eyesight.

Mr. Choo Kok Foo is a key master who has been servicing his customers for 40 years. He starts working at 10am and finishes at 5pm. I met him recently in Joo Chiat. Not sure if that’s the same place he has been at for these past 40 years, but you can find him at 92 Joo Chiat Road now. He allowed me to take some photos and I started talking to him in my broken Hokkien. He gladly answered my questions. There were some that I didn’t understand though. He also proudly showed me a newspaper article that featured him some time ago.

I will be going back there to give him his printed photos.

More photos below.MORE +

Bussorah Street Shophouses

Bussorah Street Shophouses

This was shot with an app called AutoStitch, a panorama stitching app, on iPhone 4s. You take multiple shots of a wide scene and it will stitch them automatically. It works best when you are far away from the subject. The one above was shot from a close distance of about 4 to 5 meters, hence the distortion when the app tried to stitch the multiple images. MORE +

Kampong Glam Panorama at Night

Night scene panorama in Kampong Glam.

iPhone 4s does Kampong Glam in a panoramic format. Shot with an app called AutoStitch. The app allows you to take multiple images and then stitch them for you. A cool app if you like shooting panorama.

Facebooking on Sunday morning


Some say Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with friends. But for these men, gathering on a Sunday morning is a great way to keep in touch.

Shot on iPhone 4s. Processed with vsco.

100 Strangers Project – No. 27

100 Strangers Project by Hendra Lauw - No. 27

His name is Md. Basheer and he is my stranger no. 27. Mr. Basheer is a retired photographer who shot interior design and food during his 40 year career shooting for magazines in Singapore. He is now driving a taxi but still teach photography sometimes. Mr. Basheer has six children and seven grandchildren. He was going to meet some of them for dinner at his son’s place after he sent me.

I took the photo using my iPhone inside the taxi. The only light source was the overhead lamp. My apology for the digital noise on your otherwise white shirt, Mr. Basheer.

Kodak Ektar 100 in Bencoolen


I went out to shoot with my Olympus OM-1N loaded with Kodak Ektar 100 film this afternoon. Spent some time around the Bencoolen area and then sent the film for processing and scanning at Konota. I opted for a no-correction scanning so I can see how the original look. Not bad, I like the colors.

Enjoy the photos. MORE +

100 Strangers Project – No. 23

100 Strangers Project - by Hendra Lauw

His name is Darren and he is my stranger no. 23. Darren is from Singapore and works in a shop called KIN (Know It Nothing), a multi label boutique in Haji Lane. KIN is selling mainly men’s clothing. When I met him, he was having a break sitting on a bench in front of the shop. After agreeing to be my stranger, he asked if he could go inside to take his hat and wear it for the photo shoot. I think the hat and sunglasses make it cool.  :)


100 Strangers Project – No. 22

100 Strangers Project - by Hendra Lauw

Stranger no. 22 is Yok Chiang and Sok Hui. They are both university students in and from Singapore.  They are friends of Gyllan, the stranger no. 21. Yock Chiang (left) was doing some street photography when I met her in Haji Lane on 15th June 2013.MORE +

100 Strangers Project – No. 18

100 Strangers Project by Hendra Lauw - no. 18

Her name is Ann. Ann was on vacation in Singapore for three days when I met her in Haji Lane last Saturday, 15th June 2013. Ann came from Zhejiang province in China and she is my stranger no. 18.MORE +

100 Strangers Project – No. 17

100 Strangers Project by Hendra Lauw

His name is Mohammed Hanif and he is my stranger no. 17.

Hanif came from Karachi, Pakistan about 9 months ago to work at his uncle’s carpet shop in Arab Street. He is now in his mid 20s. Sound familiar? That’s because Hanif is the older brother of Arif, my stranger no. 16. I met Hanif when I went back to the shop to give Arif his photos that I took one week ago.

Here are the two of them together.MORE +

Morning Ride in Joo Chiat

Hendra Lauw-Morning Ride in Joo Chiat 2

Hendra Lauw-Morning Ride in Joo Chiat 1

Images shot two weeks ago in Joo Chiat. The morning low angle sunlight created nice shadow and highlight effect on the shop door and the cyclists. Shot with Olympus E-P3 and Minolta MD Rokkor 50mm f/1.7.MORE +