manila north cemetery

My Home My Playground

I returned to the Manila North Cemetery in May this year after visiting the place few times between 2006 and 2008, I just wanted to come back and see what might have changed. I did not take a lot of photos but spent more time talking to some children and adults living there.

The photo above was taken using my iPhone 4s when I saw the little boy playing on a tomb. The cemetery was both his home and his playground.

I have written about this place and my experience when I first went there in another blog entry, so I will not write about it anymore here. If you have missed that one, here it is, Sharing Space with the Dead.

Salagubang Wrestling

Salagubang is a kind of beetle found in the Philippines. The above photo shows two salagubang, connected by a splinter clipped on their wings, wrestling to push each other out of the circle drawn on the ground where the children played. The winner is obviously the one who manage push the other one out of the circle. The game is popular among children there. This was shot at the Manila North Cemetery, Philippines back in 2007.

Sharing Space with the Dead

As I walked further inside, I saw rubbles. They looked like they belonged to a house before. I also saw people selling stuffs like snacks, candies, cigarettes and also food. I heard music from somebody’s room or house. I caught a glimpse of TV program being watched by someone in their living room. I saw women washing clothes. I saw children studying and playing. I heard children’s laughter. I saw people having their meals together. All the streets there have name even though the houses have no number. MORE +