leica 35mm summarit


A quick post before I head out for lunch. Photos taken at the Sunday market in Whitefield, Bangalore, India, during my recent trip there. All shot with the M9 and 35mm Summarit f/2.5.MORE +

Walking and Waiting at Shivaji Nagar Market

Black and white photography always has its unique charm. Not much color distraction as there are only black, white and shades of gray. One of my favorite images from my recent trip to Bangalore, India. A relatively slow shutter speed of 1/25 sec was enough to blur the man walking in the foreground. MORE +

Highlight and Shadow

I love this photo for a simple reason that it has strong highlight and shadow. It also tells a story of two men engaged in a serious conversation. Look at the hand gesture of the man on the right. The man on the left was listening while seriously looking at his notebook.

I saw these two men on the second floor of the Shivaji Nagar Market. The man on the left seemed to be the vegetables agent and the one the left seemed to be the customer, which could be a retail seller. When I first saw this scene, I was immediately attracted to it because of the sunlight coming in from the two windows and the shadow on the floor and on part of the men.

It’s important to take the exposure metering from the right spot in this kind of photo. MORE +

The Tomato Man at Shivaji Nagar Market


One the first few things I learned when I started photography as a hobby almost ten years ago was to explore different angles when shooting (even only) one subject. These photos of the tomato man at Shivaji Nagar market in Bangalore were taken with Leica M9 and Leica 35mm Summarit f/2.5 lens. I first saw the man from the street level and took the first shot above. MORE +

What To Shoot In Singapore – Chess Game in Chinatown

What to shoot in Singapore? How about the people playing chess in Chinatown, near the Kreta Ayer market? It’s fun to watch and it’s easy to shoot. Respect them though since they usually concentrate on their game very much, so don’t just keep shooting. Pause, watch them and shoot. You can be very close to them, so using wide angle lens is fine. Get high, get to their eye level, get close and get wide. Vary your shots. All photos shot with MORE +

Street Shot at City Hall

This was shot in front of the entrance to the City Hall MRT Station. The guy was talking on his mobile phone while lighting his cigarette. Shot with MORE +

CityCab and Comfort Taxis

The two most commonly seen taxis in Singapore. The yellows and the blues. They belong to the same company, by the way. Shot at the junction of River Valley Road and Hill Street, in front of the building of 927 windows. MORE +