Sunday, February 7, 2016
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Tailors at Little India

Little India is a great place for street photography in Singapore. This is where I would go whenever I have that travel itch. If...

Thinking of the next move

iPhone 4s. Original version shot with the Hipstamatic app. Cropped to a rectangular format instead of square. Chinatown, Singapore.

Multiple Exposure

I like playing with multiple exposure function in a camera. While I know combining images in Photoshop can yield the same result, but I...
iPhone Street Photography

Mobile Street Photography in Singapore – Raining in Bugis

I was making my way to the Bugis train station from Bencoolen when it rained that night in September last year. I stopped in...
Men in Black - a Hipstamatic shot on iPhone 4s

Men in Black

Men in black walking along the promontory at the Marina Bay. Shot with iPhone 4s, Hipstamatic app, John S Lens and Blackey SuperGrain film.

A Toast to a Happy Life Forever and Ever

I posted this on my Instagram few days ago and have wanted to post it here, but wasn't able to until now. I took...

Self Portrait

Hipstamatic shot on iPhone 4s of our reflection as the train passed by at the City Hall Train Station. The Hipstamatic combination used was John...

One Morning at Whampoa Makan Place

Black and white iPhone photography using the Hipstamatic app is very fun. Depending on the combination of "lens" and "film" you use, it could...

The Passengers

Two hipstamatic shots using iPhone 4s of passengers on the train taken couple days ago.

Sleepless in Singapore

It's late, past midnight, but there are still a lot of things running through my mind now. So many things, so little time. How...