Thinking of the next move

iPhone 4s.
Original version shot with the Hipstamatic app.
Cropped to a rectangular format instead of square.
Chinatown, Singapore.

iPhone Photography - Thinking of the next move

Multiple Exposure

Fuji X100s - Multiple Exposure

I like playing with multiple exposure function in a camera. While I know combining images in Photoshop can yield the same result, but I like doing it in the camera. The above was shot with Fuji X100s’ multiple exposure function switched on. The camera was shot first and then followed by the box of Ilford PANF Plus 50. That’s my Olympus OM-1n film camera. A cool way to tell what film inside the camera now.  :)

Below are two multiple exposure images shot about ten years ago when I was still shooting only negative and slide films. There were shot with Minolta Dynax 5 film camera. The first one was on Kodak EBX slide film and the second one was on Kodak E100VS slide film. I need to find the original slides to rescan them to get higher resolution files. I used the double exposure function of the camera to shoot two exposures so I could position the full moon where I wanted it to be.


Mobile Street Photography in Singapore – Raining in Bugis

iPhone Street Photography

I was making my way to the Bugis train station from Bencoolen when it rained that night in September last year. I stopped in front of a shop, took shelter from the rain and started taking panning shots of people walking with their umbrellas and shopping bags above their heads using the Hipstamatic app on iPhone 4s. The ‘film’ and ‘lens’ combination was John S Lens and Blackey SuperGrain black and white film. My favorite Hipstamatic combination for black and white images. What’s your favorite Hipstamatic setting for black and white shots?

Enjoy the rest of the images below.


Men in Black

Men in Black - a Hipstamatic shot on iPhone 4s

Men in black walking along the promontory at the Marina Bay. Shot with iPhone 4s, Hipstamatic app, John S Lens and Blackey SuperGrain film.

A Toast to a Happy Life Forever and Ever

I posted this on my Instagram few days ago and have wanted to post it here, but wasn’t able to until now. I took this photo using the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone 4s while I was having my breakfast at a coffee place in City Hall. They could easily be in their 80s but they look pretty healthy.

The man was reading newspaper while his wife was having her toast. Once a while he would share with his wife what he was reading. I saw there was only one cup on the table. The man has either finished his, or they share or one of them don’t take coffee or tea. But regardless, there was love. I could feel it from where I sat.

Now, I would like to share with you a story that I read before. There seems to be some variations to it, but the message remains the same. Happy reading.MORE +

Self Portrait

Hipstamatic shot on iPhone 4s of our reflection as the train passed by at the City Hall Train Station.MORE +

One Morning at Whampoa Makan Place

Black and white iPhone photography using the Hipstamatic app is very fun. Depending on the combination of “lens” and “film” you use, it could give you a very nice result. My favorite for the black and white is John S lens with Blackey Supergrain film.

These few shots were taken with my iPhone 4s few days ago at Whampoa Makan Place, a hawker center at Whampoa / Balestier. Some elderly folks were gathering having their coffees, teas, breakfast and chit chatting with each other. I love the scene there and will plan to go back there for more shots.

My wife and I also found a nice noodle there. I forgot the name now, but I know where to find it next. We will go back for the noodle too.  :)MORE +

Sleepless in Singapore

It’s late, past midnight, but there are still a lot of things running through my mind now. So many things, so little time. How I wish, sometimes, that we don’t have to sleep and have all 24 hours to do whatever we like doing and be happy. Now I am asking too much. MORE +

iPhone Photography – On My Way Home

iPhone Photography is going to change the way a lot of people shoot. Me included. I have a camera with me all the time now. The terminology used should really be mobile photography, I think. Other smart phones, like those on Android, will allow you to do the same. I only have iPhone and I am happy with it. If you have Android phones, use it and have fun with it.

What makes iPhone photography so fun and powerful are the apps and the increasingly good quality camera that comes with the phone. Having some photography knowledge helps. At least for me. But, if you don’t know, don’t let that stop you. Shoot a lot and have fun. This is subjective, I know, but the more you shoot, the more you will know what generally makes good images, and the more you will train your eyes to see the subjects and the moments.

I have some photography apps on my iPhone, and I use almost all of them. I can’t really decide which one is my favorite now, but one day I may have favorite(s) when I have used them enough. For now, “what’s in the bag” of my iPhone are: Camera+, SnapSeed, Filterstorm, Hipstamatic, Instagram, PS Express, PhotoStudio, Spica, SlowShutter and MonoPhix.

The series of images here, “On My Way Home”, were shot using the Hipstamatic app. The “lens” and “film” used were John S and BlacKeys B+W. The original images had slight color tint and I removed it in Adobe Lightroom. I could have removed it using MonoPhix app too, but I was too lazy to go back to my iPhone after downloading the images to my computer.  :)

On My Way Home, is a series of images of what I saw one morning while on my way home by bus and train. I’ll leave you with the images as it’s time for me to lie down now. I can’t walk and sit for too long yet after the surgery I had on Monday. See you all on my next post.MORE +