The beauty of creation

A little different from what I have been posting lately, here are some shots of nature taken back in 2010 with my Canon 1D Mark IV and Canon 100mm f/2.8 IS Macro. All of them were taken at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Have you slowed down and watch the beauty of creation around you lately? Have you been too busy lately that you forgot little things can actually make you happy? Touch the leaves, the flowers, smell them, watch the butterflies flying and feel blessed. You are indeed blessed. Enjoy this beauty of creation.MORE +

Flower Fine Art

Flowers are the sweetest things that God ever made and forgot to put a soul into. ~ Henry Beecher (1813-1887)

All photos here were shot hand held and wide open at f/2.8 using my macro lens with image stabilizer and natural light coming in from the window. All were taken in a high key mode and f/2.8 was used as I wanted to only emphasize certain part of the flower. Have a great week ahead everyone.MORE +