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A Good Girl’s Promise

My daughter wrote these on her whiteboard last night, a good girl’s promise, she said. When was the last time we promised to be a good person?MORE +

Shooting Everyday Photos – Picnic at Botanic Gardens with Daddy

The only thing your child ask from you is your TIME. They don’t care about money. They just want your TIME.

My daughter asked me to go to Botanic Gardens with her this morning. She just wanted to have a picnic with me, she said. So, we went and spent about 3 hours there. We sat down, we ran, we played, we walked and we talked. Just that. And oh .. ice cream and cold drink too as we both were so thirsty. So, see above, the daddy and his daughter having picnic at Botanic Gardens, shot with Panasonic GF1 and 20mm f/1.7 pancake lens.MORE +

Shooting Everyday Photos – The Two of Us

I told you I am in the mood for photoblogging. Three posts within 2 hours.

I took a half day leave today and went to Haji Lane with my wife after sending our daughter to school. We stopped by at Pluck to have iced coffee and ice cream to cool ourselves. It was a hot date. BTW, The rum and raisin ice cream MORE +

Shooting Everyday Photos – Drawing

All shots with Micro Four Thirds camera, Panasonic GF1 and Voigtlander Nokton 40mm f/1.4 lens. Manual focusing with this lens on GF1 is challenging. Stretching your arms out so you can see the image on the LCD when focusing will cause you to be unstable. Hence, I really hope that GF3 will have a built-in high resolution viewfinder. GF2 has already been in the market for several months, but I didn’t want to upgrade because it still doesn’t have the built-in viewfinder. Yes, it has an optional external viewfinder you can buy, but I don’t quite like the idea as I want to keep the entire setup small.MORE +

Children Photography – Shooting Everyday Photos

Photographing childhood means much more than just taking portrait shots of your children. It means photographing memories. Sometimes, some of these memories cannot be repeated anymore, or sometimes they become very important because they happen for the very first time. MORE +

At Home on Tuesday 18/1/11

They are not the sharpest photos I have ever taken, but I love the interaction between the two of them while sitting on the floor in our living room. No, they didn’t pose for me, in case you ask. This is one of those rare moments at home now when my daughter doesn’t complain and give me her angry look while I aim my camera at her continuously. She probably thinks that she had already given me enough opportunity to shoot her during her first 4 years when she would happily allow me to shoot her. BTW, I shot her everyday in her first one year, except for a two week period when I had to be on business trip overseas.MORE +