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iPhone Photography – Best of September 2013

iPhone Photography - Best of September 2013

Browsing the archive of my September iphone photos, I realized that I did not shoot as much as I did in the previous months. However, I have more photos of my daughter in September, mostly taken at Changi Beach Park over three weekends. So, that’s good. I taught her biking on a two-wheel bike and we have been going to the same park every weekend since. She is a proud biker now. I also took many photos of water droplets on fallen leaves. It’s the September rain. I chose one of them for my Best of September.

The other one below is my other favorite for September. It’s the photo of my daughter watching plane landing from Changi Beach Park. MORE +

The Sea and Sky

High key photography - The Sea and Sky

This high key photograph was shot one morning in 2010 at Changi Beach. It was a hazy morning and the contrast between the sea and the sky was high. I wanted both the boats and the aeroplane, but the sky was too bright, hence the compromise to lose details on both. The boats were almost in silhouette as I had to take some exposure of the sky too. Just in case you ask, no I did not have my graduated ND filter with me that morning. Original photo was shot in color and converted to black and white in Adobe Lightroom 4.

Here is another one.MORE +