What to Shoot

Street Photography in Singapore

It rained hard on Sunday morning. I came early to our church in Katong area as I needed to run some errands. While waiting, I shot some street photos. Can you see the rain drops in the photo above? See one more below.MORE +

What To Shoot In Singapore – Chess Game in Chinatown

What to shoot in Singapore? How about the people playing chess in Chinatown, near the Kreta Ayer market? It’s fun to watch and it’s easy to shoot. Respect them though since they usually concentrate on their game very much, so don’t just keep shooting. Pause, watch them and shoot. You can be very close to them, so using wide angle lens is fine. Get high, get to their eye level, get close and get wide. Vary your shots. All photos shot with MORE +

What To Shoot In Singapore – Joo Chiat At Night

Joo Chiat Road is located in Katong area and it offers food, drink and entertainment with its restaurants, pubs, coffee shops and karaoke lounges you can find along it. It’s very lively at night when the place offers both the food for the stomach and the food for lonely souls. You know what I mean.

But what attracted me to shoot there was not the skimpily-dressed-girls you can find walking around, standing or sitting nicely and patiently. It’s the old Peranakan shophouses because of their unique architecture and colors. So, MORE +

What To Shoot In Singapore – Kampong Glam

As mentioned in my previous post, I took my Panasonic GF1 and Voigtlander Nokton 40mm f/1.4 for a walk in Kampong Glam. Actually I spent most of the time only along the Haji Lane, so this set of photos only covers a small portion of what you can shoot in Kampong Glam. MORE +

What To Shoot In Singapore – Orchard Road at Night

All shots with my micro four third Panasonic GF1 and 20mm f/1.7 pancake lens, these photos are intended to show how lovely and vibrant Orchard Road is at night. I didn’t actually go there to shoot as I was there for a night out with my family on Friday night, but I couldn’t resist, so I shot some photos. MORE +

What To Shoot in Ho Chi Minh City – Motorcycles

There are probably 4 – 5 million motorcycles in Ho Chi Minh City now. When you are on the street, you would know who the king of the road is (are). It’s amazing to see how the people there just cross the street without being worried to be hit by one of these. The motorcyclists seem to be trained on how to navigate around the people who are crossing the street. Maybe if they can’t, they won’t get their driving license in the first place.

I could just stand on the roadside and shot them from there to show you that there are really a lot of them. But, that would not be interesting, I thought. So, I decided to follow what the locals do best. Crossing the street packed with motorcycles, but with my camera. I almost walked sideways, by the way, so I could shoot well. Robert Capa, the famous war photographer, once said, “If your photos are not good enough, you are not close enough”. I know, this is not war, just motorcycles, but I thought of sharing the quote here as I like it. :)

So, here you go, my adventure of crossing the street while shooting, or shooting while crossing the street in Ho Chi Minh City last weekend.MORE +

Remembering Details

Many years from now, do you want to remember what your children had in their room when they were five? While it’s important to shoot their portraits, don’t forget to shoot other details of their growing up days. Their favorite toys, their drawings (scan them too), their art work, things they do, things they have, etc. are some subjects you can shoot.

I shot these one late night after work in my daughter’s room while she was sleeping. I wanted to photograph some of the details she had in her room that day. I used a macro lens as I wanted to go in close, shot the details and blurred the background to emphasize the subjects. But you can shoot these with almost any lens you have or any camera you have. The most important thing is to be able to keep the memories in the form of photographs. So, have fun and keep shooting.

What To Shoot in Singapore – Marina Bay – Part 2

Marina Bay, what a place to be in Singapore now.  Beautiful location for night photography in Singapore.

It has changed a lot and it has changed for the better since they started a number of constructions around the area which included the new Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Casino. Yes, the buildings in the above photo are the old ones, but the location where I stood to take the photo is new. It’s a very spacious and beautiful promenade. You can either walk along or sit to enjoy the night view of the bay.MORE +