Win S$3,000 and an iPad

Yes, that what’s you will get when your photo is chosen to be the winning entry in TAFEP photo contest this year.

TAFEP (Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices) has launched its second Fair Employment Photo Contest. Quoted from its press release on 14th January 2011, the second Fair Employment Photo Contest focuses on how little things can make a big difference at work. It aims to encourage individuals to think, picture and write about what fair employment means in workplace situations, and how the little things can go a long way to building a fair workplace. Through the contest, TAFEP aims to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of the importance of merit-based employment practices.

Click the banner below to go to TAFEP Photo Contest website. Closing date for submission is 20 Feb 2011.

As mentioned in the press release, even though you can come up with any idea that may fit the theme well, don’t forget to think about the LITTLE things that can make a big difference at work.

So, start thinking and start shooting, everyone. Good luck!

Share Your Blessings

My fellow blogger friend, Daphne, at Mother Inc is organizing an event for children battling against cancer. Yes, you read it right, children battling against cancer. The event is called Happee Day, on Sunday, October 31st, at Hort Park. So, if you are in Singapore or planning to visit Singapore and you have couple hours to spare, please come to share your blessings with those children with cancer. Please visit Daphne’s blog entry to read more details about this event and what you can do to support.

Be grateful and share your blessings. Thank you.

Quick Updates

Hi everyone, quick updates from

  • I will be out of action for a week starting today, 19 July. If you are new here, kindly browse my previous entries. You can check out some of the tips I have written or just browse to enjoy the photographs.
  • I am working on some interesting personal photography projects and I can’t wait to share the outcome with you here. So, please keep coming back.
  • Want to see some latest photos from my children and family photography? Check them out here:

And by the way, if you like this website and have a moment to spare, kindly write to share with your friends. I would appreciate that very much.

Thank you everyone for coming here and I’ll see you here next week. Take care.

Singapore Best Photography Blog 2010

I just won the Singapore Best Photography Blog Award 2010. My humble and sincere thanks to the judges and to all who have voted and rallied for me in the Best Photography Blog category of Singapore Blog Awards 2010. To OMY, thank you for providing the platform for all of us to share, learn and meet. Hope to see you all again next year.

To all the winners of other categories, Congratulations and I wish you all great success. Keep blogging.

And of course, thank you to all the sponsors for the prizes too. Unfortunately, I have to miss the Hong Kong trip prize and have to give this to the second place winner, as I have a prior commitment to shoot my friend’s wedding on the 24th of July. I wish all the winners an enjoyable and safe trip. Please shoot for me and share the photos when you are back.  :)

After the award ceremony, I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Tan Swie Hian, an accomplished and famous Singapore’s Cultural Medallion artist. He designed this beautiful trophy for the winners. It’s made of bronze and what a beautiful piece of art! I love it. Mr. Tan shared that in this new age of internet media, one should not forget the basic supporting values we all have to adhere to. And that’s what the three different shapes of legs of the trophy means.

To those who have asked about the trophy, here it is. You must hold it to appreciate it even more. Solid and nicely balanced.

And here is a photo of me with Mr. Tan Swie Hian after the award ceremony.

And oh, before I forget, to all the kind souls who took photos of me during the award ceremony, I would appreciate it if you could send me some of the photos. I would love to keep them. Thank You.  :)

I am traveling

I am traveling!

I am leaving for Malaysia in couple hours to shoot a wedding and will be back on Monday, 31 May. I will see you all again here on Monday night with my new post. Take care everyone and keep shooting.

Photography Workshop 23 May 2010

I am very excited and feel honored to be asked to conduct a photography workshop tomorrow. A friend of mine asked if I would conduct this for the people who are interested in photography at his church which I immediately said yes. He sent me the flyer that he created to announce this workshop. See below.

I certainly won’t call myself an accomplished professional photographer, but thank you Alvin for your kind words.

FREE Photo – the Bandstand

The Bandstand at Singapore Botanic Gardens

Free photo for everyone. I am giving away this photo of the Bandstand at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Please feel free to download the high resolution file here. You can use the photo for any NON-commercial purpose, such as wallpaper for your computer monitor, your iPhone wallpaper, your personal artwork or scrapbooking, or you can print it, frame it and hang it to grace the wall in your house. You cannot sell the photo and please do not claim it as yours and host it on your website for future download for others. Please always refer others to this blog entry for them to download.

Hope you enjoy the photograph and please keep coming back for more updates. Thank your for your support! Cheers everyone!

A Change (again)

I decided to make a change (again) to my website for few reasons:

  • I would like to have full control over my website and want to be able to make changes by myself without having to ask other people to do it for me (the developer).
  • Patience is a virtue, they said, but patience has a limit too. Sometimes, when you are unlucky, it can be very frustrated working with a developer, so I decided to do things myself now. I have to learn, but I am happy.
  • I have been waiting for too long for the full functionalities of the online shopping cart to be up and running for me. I decided to use something better out there. I am considering both Photoshelter and Zenfolio. I am more inclined toward Photoshelter for now.

So … I started the change for the blog portion and I decided to use WordPress. The online gallery with its online shopping functionalities will come soon, but I do not want to bring down the website for too long, thus I activated the blog portion first.

However, there was one thing that I didn’t do. I did not import my old blog entries from EE to WordPress so I lost them. But considering I am now able to control my own website, I am happy. I can rewrite some of those blog entries.

Thanks so much to those who have kept coming back to check. Very much appreciated.