Sprocket Rocket Fun

I loaded a roll of black and white Kodak TMax 400 film into my Sprocket Rocket lomo camera about 2 months ago when I was in Bandung. Didn’t finish it until last week when I brought it to Geylang Serai at night. In between I shot few images in Bugis and City Hall areas. I love the panoramic format of this plastic camera, but watch out for the lighting though. It needs a lot of light. I only got few keepers from this roll.

The above was shot in Bandung from outside of Texas Fried Chicken restaurant through its glass window, hence you can see some reflections in the photo. The one below was shot somewhere along the Waterloo Street. It was a hot and bright day, hence the better exposure as you can see.MORE +

Lomography – Sprocket Rocket

I decided to try out this lomography after ignoring it for so many years. But I decided to try out the unusual one, hence I bought the Sprocket Rocket panorama camera. It takes 2 frames per picture. And the cool thing about it, you can shoot the image on the entire film including those where the sprocket holes are. See above. It was shot on a no-brand ISO 400 film which I am not happy about. I had to tweak it a little bit in Adobe Lightroom. I still have two rolls in the lab now. The rolls I shot when I was in Bandung, Indonesia. One roll of black and white Kodak TMax 400 and one roll of color Kodak Ultra 400. I shall collect them on Thursday night.

The camera is made of plastic and has simple functions. You just need to decide the followings:MORE +