Thinking of the next move

iPhone 4s.
Original version shot with the Hipstamatic app.
Cropped to a rectangular format instead of square.
Chinatown, Singapore.

iPhone Photography - Thinking of the next move

Best iPhone Photography – April 2014

Howdy all, here are my top 12 of iPhone photos that I have shot in the last six months. I am still using iPhone 4s till now. I tried my wife’s iPhone 5s and I love the speed of processing, but I’ll wait first till June. Let’s see what Apple will reveal (if they do).

iPhone Photography by Hendra Lauw - 12MORE +

Happy New Year 2014

A little boy fishing at Pandawa Beach Bali - Sony A7 and Leica Elmarit 90mm f/2.8

Using just the fishing line rolled on a piece of bamboo on his left hand, this little boy was trying to catch some fish at Pandawa beach, Bali. Throwing and pulling many times. He just kept trying. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 everyone! Keep going! Don’t give up on your dream!

Image was shot with Sony A7 and Leica Elmarit 90mm f/2.8.

Legong Kuntul Dance

Legong Kuntul dance in Ubud Bali Indonesia

I shot these images of Legong Kuntul dancers in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia using a slow shutter speed. It was either 1/3 sec or 1/4 sec. I have other images of the dancers where they appear sharp (shot with high shutter speed), but I prefer the ones that they don’t. It’s quite a fast moving dance hence I prefer to see the ones that show movement of the dancers.

So, when you are shooting a dance performance next time, try something different by using a slow shutter speed to capture the movement. You can have the subjects appear sharp while still showing the movement if you have a flash that is set to a rear-curtain sync mode. Try that too if you like using flash, but be mindful that the flashes of lights could be a distraction to the dancers especially if you are close to the subjects. I did not use flash to shoot these images.

All shot with Sony A7 and Zeiss ZM Planar 50mm f/2. Enjoy the images.MORE +

The Key Master In Joo Chiat – Singapore’s Vanishing Trade

The Key Master in Joo Chiat - Singapore's Diminishing Trade

He looked very focused when I saw him sorting out the keys on the floor. He didn’t seem to have problem looking at them from a normal reading distance. At his age of 78 (I believe that’s what he told me his age), he certainly still have pretty good eyesight.

Mr. Choo Kok Foo is a key master who has been servicing his customers for 40 years. He starts working at 10am and finishes at 5pm. I met him recently in Joo Chiat. Not sure if that’s the same place he has been at for these past 40 years, but you can find him at 92 Joo Chiat Road now. He allowed me to take some photos and I started talking to him in my broken Hokkien. He gladly answered my questions. There were some that I didn’t understand though. He also proudly showed me a newspaper article that featured him some time ago.

I will be going back there to give him his printed photos.

More photos below.MORE +

Bussorah Street Shophouses

Bussorah Street Shophouses

This was shot with an app called AutoStitch, a panorama stitching app, on iPhone 4s. You take multiple shots of a wide scene and it will stitch them automatically. It works best when you are far away from the subject. The one above was shot from a close distance of about 4 to 5 meters, hence the distortion when the app tried to stitch the multiple images. MORE +

Kampong Glam Panorama at Night

Night scene panorama in Kampong Glam.

iPhone 4s does Kampong Glam in a panoramic format. Shot with an app called AutoStitch. The app allows you to take multiple images and then stitch them for you. A cool app if you like shooting panorama.

A Pear

iPhone Photography by Hendra Lauw - a Pear

An attempt to produce something artistic with a pear and an iPhone 4s. Shot with a camera app 645Pro and converted to black and white using FilterStorm app (both the Black and White conversion and Curve). MORE +

Facebooking on Sunday morning


Some say Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with friends. But for these men, gathering on a Sunday morning is a great way to keep in touch.

Shot on iPhone 4s. Processed with vsco.

iPhone Photography – Best of September 2013

iPhone Photography - Best of September 2013

Browsing the archive of my September iphone photos, I realized that I did not shoot as much as I did in the previous months. However, I have more photos of my daughter in September, mostly taken at Changi Beach Park over three weekends. So, that’s good. I taught her biking on a two-wheel bike and we have been going to the same park every weekend since. She is a proud biker now. I also took many photos of water droplets on fallen leaves. It’s the September rain. I chose one of them for my Best of September.

The other one below is my other favorite for September. It’s the photo of my daughter watching plane landing from Changi Beach Park. MORE +

100 Strangers Project – No. 27

100 Strangers Project by Hendra Lauw - No. 27

His name is Md. Basheer and he is my stranger no. 27. Mr. Basheer is a retired photographer who shot interior design and food during his 40 year career shooting for magazines in Singapore. He is now driving a taxi but still teach photography sometimes. Mr. Basheer has six children and seven grandchildren. He was going to meet some of them for dinner at his son’s place after he sent me.

I took the photo using my iPhone inside the taxi. The only light source was the overhead lamp. My apology for the digital noise on your otherwise white shirt, Mr. Basheer.

iPhone Photos – Best of August 2013

iPhoneography - Best of August 2013

My best iphone photos for the month of August 2013.

I was looking at the photos I have taken using my iPhone 4s in the month of August 2013 and I think these two are the best of the month. The first one above was shot at Pasar Puri, Jakarta. The man on the phone was talking to someone, explaining about the banana that he was probably tasked to buy. He quoted the price given to him to the other party on the phone and I think he was told that the price was too high and then told the seller so. It was a little comical when I watched the scene and heard the conversation. It reminded me of myself when my wife asked me to buy vegetable in the market. I would usually call her once I have the vegetable in my hands, explaining how it looks like before making the purchase, to make sure that I would get the right one.

The other photo below is kinda special and personal. MORE +

An afternoon chat at a sarabat tea stall

Baghdad Street Sarabat Tea Stall-1

I spent about half an hour sitting at a sarabat tea stall near the junction of Bussorah street and Baghdad street. After a long walk, I had two glasses of iced milk tea. One of the owners sat at a table next to me, resting. We talked in Malay. He told me his legs were no longer strong. His name is Anwarul Haq. I hope I got his name right. He is now 74 years old and has gone for Hajj in 2003. He was 64 then. May God bless him with good health. These two photos were shot with Olympus E-P3 and Olympus 45mm f/1.8 lens.

Baghdad Street Sarabat Tea Stall-2

Back in June, I visited them for a tea break and took some shots using my iPhone 4s. I talked to the other owner, Haji Abdul Mualam. Again, I hope I got his name right. He told me that they have been in the business for 44 years now. Haji Abdul Mualam is the one on the left.MORE +

100 Strangers Project – No. 26

100 Strangers Photography Project - by Hendra Lauw - No. 26

His name is Diego Resurreccion and he is my stranger no. 26. I met Diego on board the Star Virgo cruise ship couple months ago. He is from Makati, the Philippines and works as a chef at the ship’s Taverna restaurant. This friendly guy told me that his work arrangement is 10 months on board the cruise ship and 2 months off.