The Sea and Sky

High key photography - The Sea and Sky

This high key photograph was shot one morning in 2010 at Changi Beach. It was a hazy morning and the contrast between the sea and the sky was high. I wanted both the boats and the aeroplane, but the sky was too bright, hence the compromise to lose details on both. The boats were almost in silhouette as I had to take some exposure of the sky too. Just in case you ask, no I did not have my graduated ND filter with me that morning. Original photo was shot in color and converted to black and white in Adobe Lightroom 4.

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My Home My Playground

I returned to the Manila North Cemetery in May this year after visiting the place few times between 2006 and 2008, I just wanted to come back and see what might have changed. I did not take a lot of photos but spent more time talking to some children and adults living there.

The photo above was taken using my iPhone 4s when I saw the little boy playing on a tomb. The cemetery was both his home and his playground.

I have written about this place and my experience when I first went there in another blog entry, so I will not write about it anymore here. If you have missed that one, here it is, Sharing Space with the Dead.

Binondo in the Morning

I took these images of Binondo, the Chinatown of Manila, in May this year. The weather was good that morning and there were lots of colors on the street. I was shooting with my iPhone 4s using the 645Pro app, except one, the black and white image below, that was shot using Hipstamatic app.

Binondo in the Morning was supposed to follow Binondo at Night, but I got distracted and posted others first. But, here you go. Enjoy!MORE +


Cockfighting is a blood sport between two roosters that have been trained to be aggressive toward each other. The roosters have one of their legs fitted with metal blade. During the fight, when their legs are kicking each other, this blade will injure or even kill the opponent. The owner of the winner will bring the dead / injured rooster home.

This game is banned in certain countries, but you can still see this in some other countries.

The game usually involves money. Lots of people in the cockpit bet against each other and it’s amazing to see their sign language during the betting time before the game starts. Two persons can bet against each other even though they sit very far apart from each other. Only the sign language involved to initiate and close the deal. When the game is over, you can see the loser throw money (rolled and tied with rubber band) to the winner.

All photos shot with iPhone 4s using the 645Pro app.MORE +

Chinese Opera – Backstage Shots

These backstage shots of the Chinese Opera were taken about two months ago in Little India during the hungry ghost month. I was allowed access to the backstage by the kind lady who prepared herself to go on stage. What a joy! All shots with Leica M9 and Minolta M-Rokkor 40mm f/2. Enjoy the photos.MORE +