Shooting action at low shutter speed can add a sense of movement in the recorded images. The above photo was shot at 1/4 sec. Depending on the lighting condition, generally you can get low shutter speed by using low ISO and small aperture.

It was almost 10pm at Geylang Serai when I shot this rituals and the lighting was not that bright. I set my camera to ISO 800 and f/11 aperture. I chose f/11 because I wanted to get more depth of field. I could theoretically set it to lower ISO to reduce noise and open up the aperture more, but I prefer more depth for this image.

Original image was shot in color on my M9 and Nokton 35mm f/1.2 ASPH V2. The 35mm gave me a wide image as I could not get much closer to the action, hence I cropped it during post-processing to make the people in white garb more prominent.