Panning – Photographing Moving Subjects

Panning is a technique used to shoot a subject moving parallel to you. It is used to create a sense of movement by moving the camera to follow the subject. It will blur the background / surrounding objects while keeping the main subject in focus.MORE +

Street Food Vendors – iPhone 4s Panorama

One of my favorite things to do when in Jakarta, eating the street food. Forget about hygiene. Just close your eyes, pray and eat.  :) Just before I took this shot, the guy in blue on the left, who was selling varieties of cold desserts, just dropped a block of ice when I was placing my order. He left it on the road for about 30 sec because he was serving someone else. He then picked it up and walked to the back of that yellow banner. I thought he was going to throw away that block of ice, but he just quickly rinsed it with water. I just smiled, because the next order he was going to make was mine.  :)

The above panorama was shot in Serpong using the AutoStitch app on my iPhone 4s.MORE +

Chinatown Panorama by iPhone 4s

I think I have fallen in love with Panorama Photography using my iPhone 4s. I shot this series in Chinatown this evening. I brought my mum who has been recovering well to see the vibrant Chinatown  before she leaves this coming Friday.

With lots of people moving, it becomes very tricky for the app to stitch. The same person may appear twice since he/she moves and may appear in the next image, hence confusing the app. But, that’s okay. It’s just a camera phone. I have the excuse.  :)MORE +

Marina Bay Panorama with Puffy Clouds

iPhone Panorama again and of the same scene again, Singapore Marina Bay but with a bonus of puffy clouds this time. These two images are pretty much straight out of the iPhone 4s. I did apply a bit of sharpening since the sharpness of an image would reduce when you resize it.

I have a feeling I will continue to shoot this scene as I will still be there for some time. But I will shoot again when the sky and lighting are different.

The first one above was shot through a tinted glass window that made the sky bluer while the one below was shot from the Marina Bay Promenade on the street level. That tinted glass window gives an effect like the polarizer filter does.MORE +

Voigtlander Nokton 35mm F1.2 ASPH V2

I am currently testing the Voigtlander Nokton 35mm f/1.2 ASPH Version 2 on Leica M9. The images here were shot in RAW and then converted and resized to JPEG for web viewing. No other post-processing done. All were shot at its largest aperture of f/1.2 and closest focusing distance of 0.7m or close to that and under tungsten light. I will do some more test today or tomorrow. Have a great weekend everyone.MORE +

The View from 48th – Amazing iPhone Photo

You can really take amazing iPhone photos using that little device that was Designed by Apple in California and Assembled in China. Sorry, I know I have been talking about it for some days, but I am still amazed with how all these technologies have changed our life or changed the way we do things.

The above is a panorama, 4 images stitched into 1, using the AutoStitch app. Shot from 48th floor through the glass window. You can see a bit of reflection on the glass but I am fine with that. I can’t ask for the window to be opened, anyway.  :)MORE +

My Best iPhone Photography


Here are my favourite and best iPhone photography / best instagram images .. so far.

Camera phone still cannot beat its big brothers, like the DSLR or even some of the compacts. Maybe it never will, but who knows, technology will only get better. But for now, the convenience of having a good little camera in my pocket all the time is wonderful since I cannot always be carrying the DSLR or the M9 or even the smaller Micro Four-Thirds camera, like the Olympus E-P3 or Panasonic GF-1.

Oh, by the way, thank you to those who have been asking about my mum. Thank God that she is now home, recovering well.


My Life is Waiting


I am writing this from a hospital room where I slept last night to accompany my mum. She has been hospitalised since yesterday and is now recovering from the sedation she just had. She was sedated for a procedure.


The iPhone 4s Does Little India

I was shooting in Little India last week using the iPhone 4s. I downloaded the images and processed them in Adobe Lightroom (except few below that were processed on the iPhone itself), converted them to black and white except the first one above. I am quite happy with the results, especially when shooting inside the temple using only the available light. MORE +

Singapore Marina Bay Panorama

Creating a very wide image, known as panoramic photograph, will cost you a bomb if you are using a specialized panoramic camera, like the Fuji GX617, Linhof 617SIII and Hasselblad XPan. But thanks to modern image processing technology, you can now create a panoramic photograph using any camera and stitch multiple images together using panoramic photography software like AutoPano Pro, PanoramaPlus, PTGui, EasyPano, Panorama Factory and many others in the market. And if you own a Canon digital camera, you will have a free software from Canon that will allow you to stitch images to create a panoramic photograph. Some of these software are pretty advanced and can really create a high quality panoramic photograph.

But, thanks to technology again, both on software and hardware, many of you can now create a panoramic photograph on the go. MORE +

Waiting for the move

Everyone was waiting what move that guy with the hat was going to make. :)

I can’t get enough of shooting these in Chinatown as you probably can tell from my previous posts. I love shooting them playing these games. Their expression, and also those surrounding them, are priceless. They are competing, but they and the spectators are complementing each other to make a good photo for you. You just need to wait, wait some more and then click the shutter button.MORE +

One Good Day

I love the story of this image. Can you see the hands of those teenagers eager to get their ice cream? It was a good day for the ice cream man. You can’t see the complete crowd here, but there were about 80-100 teenagers standing around the ice cream man, eagerly waiting for their turn to get their ice cream. It was a hot afternoon in Singapore’s Chinatown. MORE +