What To Shoot In Singapore – Chess Game in Chinatown

What to shoot in Singapore? How about the people playing chess in Chinatown, near the Kreta Ayer market? It’s fun to watch and it’s easy to shoot. Respect them though since they usually concentrate on their game very much, so don’t just keep shooting. Pause, watch them and shoot. You can be very close to them, so using wide angle lens is fine. Get high, get to their eye level, get close and get wide. Vary your shots. All photos shot with MORE +

Street Shot at City Hall

This was shot in front of the entrance to the City Hall MRT Station. The guy was talking on his mobile phone while lighting his cigarette. Shot with MORE +

Shooting Everyday Photos – Picnic at Botanic Gardens with Daddy

The only thing your child ask from you is your TIME. They don’t care about money. They just want your TIME.

My daughter asked me to go to Botanic Gardens with her this morning. She just wanted to have a picnic with me, she said. So, we went and spent about 3 hours there. We sat down, we ran, we played, we walked and we talked. Just that. And oh .. ice cream and cold drink too as we both were so thirsty. So, see above, the daddy and his daughter having picnic at Botanic Gardens, shot with Panasonic GF1 and 20mm f/1.7 pancake lens.MORE +

Kuda Kepang. Kuda Lumping. Trance Dance


I shot these images of Kuda Kepang or Kuda Lumping dance last Saturday when walking around the Joo Chiat road. I initially wanted to shoot some street photography around the area, but then stopped to watch this for almost an hour. It’s not just a dance, it’s a trance dance. The dancers were possessed and went into trance state. They can perform some superhuman feats, such as eating glass (I missed this one as it already happened when I arrived), rolling their body on broken glasses and resistance to whipping like the one above and below.MORE +

Back to India … Soon

If nothing changes, I will be back in India next month. The plan has been changed few times, so I believe it when I touch down in Bangalore next month. Not sure if I will have time to shoot, but I’ll see. Photos here were taken when I went to Bangalore in 2006. It will be interesting to go back to these places again and if I can see the same persons I shot before. I always love to shoot in the market. MORE +

Simplify Your Life. Turn Your Hobby Into Your Job.

I wanted to post something today (actually yesterday since it’s already 2.30am now), but couldn’t find suitable topic. So, one last try, I decided to browse a book to see if it could give me any idea. I picked up the book above from my bookshelf and randomly flipped through the pages and guess what I saw … MORE +

Dream, Risk and Trust

This post will be a bit different from my other previous posts even though there are still photos. I am sick today and been on the bed almost the whole day. I probably got it from my wife who has been having bad cold for few days. My muscles and joints have been aching and knowing that I have some unfinished work in the office, busy weeks ahead and how much time I can spend with my loved ones in the coming weeks made me emotionally tired too. So, that kinda made me think and re-think a lot of things again. Am I living the life I want? Or am I still dreaming to live the life I want?MORE +

What To Shoot In Singapore – Joo Chiat At Night

Joo Chiat Road is located in Katong area and it offers food, drink and entertainment with its restaurants, pubs, coffee shops and karaoke lounges you can find along it. It’s very lively at night when the place offers both the food for the stomach and the food for lonely souls. You know what I mean.

But what attracted me to shoot there was not the skimpily-dressed-girls you can find walking around, standing or sitting nicely and patiently. It’s the old Peranakan shophouses because of their unique architecture and colors. So, MORE +