I am trying to interpret the theme Simplicity. And here are my selections for this blog entry. What do you guys think? How close they are to the theme “Simplicity”? MORE +

Mount Pinatubo’s Crater

As promised, here are photos of the Mount Pinatubo’s crater lake. Look at the color of the water. I didn’t change it, that’s how it looked when I saw it. Imagine seeing this kind of scenery after hiking for more than an hour and sore legs?MORE +

The Good Old Days

OK .. not so old. I found this photo when going through my archive just now. It was taken in February 2008 when a group of us went to climb Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines. OK, I am exaggerating. We just hiked, not climbed, but tired enough. This was after the hike and we were already on the way back to Manila,  but still not that far from Mt. Pinatubo. I went there again two months later with another group, but didn’t hike all the way to the crater as I wanted to shoot something else. So, gang … identify yourself.

I will post photo of the crater in the next post. Going to sleep now.

Jakarta Roadside Food Vendors

You can find roadside food vendors in almost every corner of Jakarta. Some of them have become very famous among the residents that long queue is not unusual. I used to enjoy the simple ‘nasi goreng pete’ (fried rice with stinky beans) from a roadside vendor near my wife’s grandma’s place. Just like a restaurant, the guy has name for his roadside food cart too, and it’s “Nasi Goreng Kang Benny” (Kang Benny’s Fried Rice). Kang or Akang means elder brother in Sundanese language.  I liked mine to be spicy when I ordered.MORE +


My daughter was bored when our flight out of Singapore on Tuesday was delayed for the second time. We left home in Singapore at 3pm and only arrived home in Jakarta almost 7 hours later. I was so bored too that I took out my camera and started shooting her while she was eating all her cookies.  :)

The Butterfly

I have had this entry in my draft folder for many weeks. Not sure why I didn’t post it immediately then. But now, overseas and with no access to my photo archives at home, I decided to post this one to keep this blog updated.MORE +