Win S$3,000 and an iPad

Yes, that what’s you will get when your photo is chosen to be the winning entry in TAFEP photo contest this year.

TAFEP (Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices) has launched its second Fair Employment Photo Contest. Quoted from its press release on 14th January 2011, the second Fair Employment Photo Contest focuses on how little things can make a big difference at work. It aims to encourage individuals to think, picture and write about what fair employment means in workplace situations, and how the little things can go a long way to building a fair workplace. Through the contest, TAFEP aims to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of the importance of merit-based employment practices.

Click the banner below to go to TAFEP Photo Contest website. Closing date for submission is 20 Feb 2011.

As mentioned in the press release, even though you can come up with any idea that may fit the theme well, don’t forget to think about the LITTLE things that can make a big difference at work.

So, start thinking and start shooting, everyone. Good luck!

At Home on Tuesday 18/1/11

They are not the sharpest photos I have ever taken, but I love the interaction between the two of them while sitting on the floor in our living room. No, they didn’t pose for me, in case you ask. This is one of those rare moments at home now when my daughter doesn’t complain and give me her angry look while I aim my camera at her continuously. She probably thinks that she had already given me enough opportunity to shoot her during her first 4 years when she would happily allow me to shoot her. BTW, I shot her everyday in her first one year, except for a two week period when I had to be on business trip overseas.MORE +

Self Portrait – January 2011

The only way I can shoot myself is to shoot my reflection. Shooting using a timer doesn’t count as nobody is behind the camera. :)

My self portrait above was shot near Arab Street in Kampong Glam last week. I like the reflection of the colorful surroundings in the window of one of the shops there. The window itself had some colorful stickers on it. The aperture of f/1.2 blurred everything on the window and in the background.

BTW, I am working on what could be my longest blog entry ever. Quite excited about it, so stay tuned. :)

100 Strangers Project – No. 5

His name is Aditya. I met him last weekend in Kampong Glam and he is my Stranger No. 5. He just came to Singapore very recently from Mumbai, India and guess what .. we have common friends whom I worked with when I was working in Manila between 2006 to 2008. What a small world. I love the idea of six degrees of separation / Human Web. I am not sure if I can link all my 100 Strangers in the end, but one thing for sure, they will all be linked to me now.  :)

Hunting for my Stranger No. 6. I need to go out more.


I have chosen Faith as my word of the year for 2011. It has meant so much to me in 2010 and I would like my life to revolve around it even more in 2011. MORE +

Happy New Year 2011

Happy New Year 2011 everyone! May 2011 brings you all abundant love, health, happiness and success. Keep shooting and seeing the life through the lens if you are shutterbugs.

I was thinking last night about what photo to use to accompany this blog entry. I have lots of fireworks photo from previous years, but I thought it’s too common already and I have used them before. I wanted to shoot something new, but didn’t have time. So the idea of making a collage of photos that will resemble the number 2011 would be nice I thought. So I started searching in my photos archive and found some that I thought I could use. Can you see “2011” in the collage of photos above? They are from different photos taken at different locations and in different years. Can you see it?MORE +