100 Strangers Project – No. 15

His name is Robert V and he is my stranger no. 15. Robert came from Tasmania and spent his time traveling between there and Singapore. He is a member of the Singapore Urban Sketchers, a cool group who usually go on a monthly outing together to draw. When I met him, he was drawing a tea shop near the Kreta Ayer market in Chinatown. MORE +

Pre Pushkar Fair

I was in Pushkar, Rajashtan, about one week before the Pushkar Fair last month. Too bad. Pushkar Fair is the camel and livestock fair held annually in Pushkar, Rajashtan. Too bad I was one week earlier, but I was able to see a little bit of it, as there were already families and camels at the fair site. They have come from nearby villages to participate in the fair. I assume they came early in order to choose the best location to set up their camps. MORE +

Raining in Orchard Road

I was at Takashimaya, Orchard Road earlier this afternoon after meeting my cousin. It was raining heavily. I decided to shoot while my wife and daughter were sitting inside to rest their legs after few hours of walking earlier. I borrowed my wife umbrella and started walking to shoot some pictures. Umbrella in one hand and my Olympus PEN E-P3 with 12mm f/2 lens in another hand. The camera was a bit wet since the rain was too heavy for the umbrella to cover. I hope it didn’t do any damage to it.

This is one the shots I took and it’s probably the best I took this afternoon. Hope everyone had a great weekend. MORE +

Smoking Shisha at Haji Lane

I went to Haji Lane with my family this afternoon to smoke shisha .. I mean to eat ice cream. :) I found this guy enjoying his shisha by himself. Photo taken using the new Olympus E-PL3 and Canon 35mm LTM f/2 lens. I had to use two adapter in order to use this lens on E-PL3. First was the M39 to M mount and then M to Micro Four Thirds mount.MORE +

One Morning in Jaipur

I shot these in front of our hotel in Jaipur, Rajashtan, in the early morning of our second day there. People started their day by having tea, setting up their roadside fruit stalls, sweeping the street, etc. under a cool October morning weather.

All photos taken with Leica M9 and Zeiss Planar 50mm ZM f/2. The first few were taken by shooting into the rising sun. Enjoy!MORE +

The Colorful Old Delhi

More street photos from the Old Delhi, India. They were taken during that short window of blue hour after sunset at the Dariba Kalan street. The street was decorated with lots of lights to celebrate the Diwali day and I couldn’t get enough of rickshaw, so I kept shooting them whenever I saw one. And you don’t need to wait long for one to come.  :)

All photos taken with Leica M9 and Voigtlander Color Skopar Classic 35mm f/2.5. Enjoy the photos.MORE +

The Old Delhi

I am back from India today. Covered Delhi, Jaipur, Ajmer, Pushkar, Agra and Lucknow. I was traveling light and it was quite liberating. I fit my Leica M9, four small lenses and Olympus PEN E-P3 with 12mm lens, into a small Domke ‘school bag’ (F-803) and I could walk for hours without breaking my neck and back.

First up here are few photos I took in the late afternoon at the Old Delhi, near the Red Fort, on Diwali day. The road was packed with people, rickshaw, bicycles, motorcycles and cars and continuous sound of horns. One of the best locations I went to shoot at during this trip. I would love to go back to the Old Delhi again one day as I only managed to cover one lane as we didn’t have lots of time.

I will post more later, but for now, enjoy these four photos from the Old Delhi. All four were shot with Leica M9 and Voigtlander Color Skopar Classic 35mm f/2.5.MORE +

I Found Papa Smurf on the Street of Bangalore

Sorry for being quiet lately. Here is a quick post, taken with the M9 and Zeiss 50mm ZM f/2. I am off to India again tonight and this time I am traveling light. Only with the M9 and Olympus E-P3. Will cover Delhi, Rajashtan and Agra before heading to Lucknow to attend my friend’s wedding. MORE +

The Flash and Bionic Woman

Shot with Olympus PEN E-P3 and Minolta MD Rokkor 50mm f/1.7. At ISO 200, lens aperture was set to f/11 if I remember correctly. That was to allow the shutter speed to go down to 1/20 sec for panning purpose.MORE +

Sleeping and Concentration

The guy in the middle fell asleep while the two men were concentrating on their game. Shot with Leica M9 and Zeiss Planar 50mm ZM f/2 lens.

Happy Time

Happy time at Chinatown’s Kreta Ayer market. Taken with Panasonic GF1 and Minolta MD Rokkor 50mm f/1.7 lens.

On Duty

A construction worker on duty at a site near Bugis. Taken earlier this month with Leica M9 and Canon LTM 35mm f/2 lens.