Street Photography in Hong Kong

An old man waiting to cross the Possession Street

Shooting street photography in Hong Kong is fun. I have only been to few places in the Sheung Wan and Central areas but I am sure there are lots of other locations that will satisfy your photography appetite. If you have been to any other locations in Hong Kong and would love to share, kindly leave your comments here.

Original photos were shot in color and conversion to black and white was done using my BWCoffee1 Lightroom preset. Download it for free if you have not.

All photos were shot using Canon 85mm and most were shot at aperture f/1.2. I am a bokeh freak.  :)

Taxis waiting for passengers on Pedder Street

Boarding a taxi on Pedder Street


  1. Liza Suryatenggara says

    Hen, love them all, not the surrounding but the techique. Have you tried Ladies Market.. wah di mana ya.. just ask around. It will be very interesting pics. I once wrongly caught by policemen. I hate it.. but now I can laugh at that bitter experience. 5 minutes like 5 hours. Don’t know why they picked me. Lucky me I brought my Conrad hotel card, stayed there for AC training). If by chance I stayed in cheap hotel, they will bring me to cell maybe.. so scary…

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