Look at the Camera

Taken in Bangalore, India in 2006, this portrait was made possible because of the little boy’s mother. I was shooting at one of the wet markets I visited in Bangalore when I saw this little boy with his mother who wanted him to look at my camera when I was shooting him. MORE +

Street Photography in Hong Kong

An old man waiting to cross the Possession Street

Shooting street photography in Hong Kong is fun. I have only been to few places in the Sheung Wan and Central areas but I am sure there are lots of other locations that will satisfy your photography appetite. If you have been to any other locations in Hong Kong and would love to share, kindly leave your comments here. MORE +

Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park

Shot in 2007, this photo of Bromo above is not the best photo of Bromo. There are many much better photo of it which I have seen before. The lighting that morning was flat and the sky was overcast. But I just want to post it anyway after I read the news about its recent eruption on November 27th, 2 weeks ago. Read the news about the eruption here. I hope all the local people of Bromo are safe and things will return back to normal soon.MORE +

A Time for Reflection and Giving

I shot this in December 2005 during that year’s Singapore’s Standard Chartered Marathon. I had never seen people run with prosthetic leg before. I didn’t and still don’t know the man, but I was very impressed and proud of him.

Bear with me as this blog entry is going to be all over the place as my mind is now. It’s past midnight, so I am very tired, but I just want to post this one before going to bed. The photo above may or may not be relevant to everything I will write in this blog entry now. But I will try as much as I can. Read this till the end and you tell me if I did.MORE +