Bangkok Tuk Tuk at Night

Shooting Tuk Tuk at night in Bangkok is fun and the only way to make it much more interesting is to pan it using a used Panasonic GF1 with 20mm f/1.7 pancake lens. OK, I am exaggerating, I know. I am showing off my new “used” gadget, I know. But this little guy which I got two weeks ago at ~S$500 cheaper compared to when buying it new can really do wonder. It won’t replace my Canon 1DIV, but there will be times that I prefer to bring this guy with me instead of my 1DIV. It’s small, it’s light, it’s powerful and it has bokeh!

More on Panasonic GF-1 in my next post. I will try to write a practical review about the camera. Not a pixel peeping review which most of us don’t care anyway, but just a practical review of what I will use it for. So stay tuned.MORE +

100 Strangers Project – No. 3

Her name is Lis and she is no. 3 in my 100 Strangers Project. This bubbly mid twenties girl is from East Java, Indonesia. I know that the photo above does not show her bubbly side, but she is. Lis loves cooking and has lots of recipe books at home, she said. MORE +