I am traveling

I am traveling!

I am leaving for Malaysia in couple hours to shoot a wedding and will be back on Monday, 31 May. I will see you all again here on Monday night with my new post. Take care everyone and keep shooting.

While You Were Sleeping

These images of my daughter sleeping were taken this morning at high ISO (4000) as the room was dark and I only allowed a little bit of light coming in from the window. I didn’t want her to wake up yet. Mommy is still busy in the kitchen and Daddy needs to update this blog, otherwise the judges may disqualify me from the Singapore Blog Awards 2010.  :)

Joke aside, I have been taking photos of my daughter since she was born. I am not that good at writing. That’s why I made a promise to myself to document her life in pictures. I promised myself to photograph her everyday for a year since she was born and I did, except for a couple of weeks when I had to be on business trip overseas back in 2005. I don’t shoot her everyday anymore now, but I still shoot her very frequently. She was the reason why I developed a passion for portrait photography. Got a moment and want to read her growing up diary? It’s here : www.tilumaret.com.

So, here you go, a triptych of my daughter while she was sleeping. MORE +

Sunset at Rolling Hills Batanes

Sitting almost at the end of the aircraft that brought us from Manila to Basco in Batan island, I still remember this strong feeling of excitement when I read the in-flight magazine and found an article written by a Filipino photographer about Batanes, our destination. He wrote, “if you are looking for God, you can find Him in Batanes”. What a strong expression about how beautiful this part of the Philippines is. It’s both serene and beautiful.MORE +

10 Children Photography Tips

I am sure you may have other tips that work better for you and I am sure that there are more than just 10. But, I am sharing here what I usually do and hopefully this will help those who want to take better pictures of their children. Few of the tips below are applicable only for an SLR camera, but most of them are applicable for a point and shoot too. You can also view more collections of children and family photography on my Masakecil Photography website.

So here they are in no particular order.

1. Be patient
Children are usually active and not always willing to listen to instruction, so they are the boss during the photo shoot. Talk to them, build the connection with them during that short period, so they are comfortable with your presence. Watch them and be prepared with your camera for the good moments. Photos will usually come out more natural and will show the children as children in their own world. MORE +

Photography Workshop 23 May 2010

I am very excited and feel honored to be asked to conduct a photography workshop tomorrow. A friend of mine asked if I would conduct this for the people who are interested in photography at his church which I immediately said yes. He sent me the flyer that he created to announce this workshop. See below.

I certainly won’t call myself an accomplished professional photographer, but thank you Alvin for your kind words.

Dusk at Uluwatu Bali

This is one the famous temples in Bali, Pura Luhur Uluwatu, taken shortly after sunset. I took this in December 2007 during a vacation in Bali. The temple is located at the top of Uluwatu cliff about 70 meters above the Indian Ocean on the southern tip of Bali. The spot where I was offered a drop dead view of the waves crashing against the base of the cliff. MORE +

Crossing Jalan Sultan

I have had fun playing with the new watermarking feature of Adobe Lightroom 3 Beta and I believe this is what I am going to use for all my pictures posted on the web moving forward. And I will for sure upgrade my current Lightroom 2 once the full version of Lightroom 3 is out as I like its other new features too, such the Grain, Noise Reduction and their new Print module. Having said that, I do like the new Slideshow feature of Aperture 3 which I saw when I attended the Apple product briefing couple months ago, but not sure if I would upgrade my current Aperture just for the slideshow. Will see. MORE +

Waiting for the Green Light

I am still very excited after my favorite team, Chelsea, won the English Premier League couple of hours ago and I am still very wide awake now. So, I thought of posting more photo here as I can’t sleep yet.MORE +

On the Second Floor

I shot this not so long ago in the area of Kampong Glam. I had been walking for few hours doing street photography when I suddenly saw this man reading something on the second floor of that shop house. I did not want him to look at me, so I quickly composed a shot. The sky has gotten darker and the street lights helped to illuminate the wall. I had to bump the ISO up to 800 and shot at wide aperture of 2.8 to give me a fast enough shutter speed for hand held shooting.

When I first saw this moment, it reminded me of a shot that I took back in January 2006 at Little India which I posted on my old photoblog before. Then, I saw this old man opening his window and I had only split second to take the shot. Sometimes, you just need to be in the right place and in the right time to take a good shot.

Fireworks at the Singapore’s Marina Bay

Fireworks at the Marina Bay, Singapore with the Merlion as the bonus.

These were taken back in 2005 and again, I am re-posting selected photos from my old photoblog here. If you notice, I am using a new watermark image for these photos. I have been playing with the new Adobe Lightroom 3 Beta which you can download for free to evaluate the software. And I love the cool new watermarking feature. Well done Adobe. I also love its new Print module where you can create a custom print layout. Very cool too. I will continue to check out its other new features.

See more fireworks photos below.MORE +

Abstract Bubble Photography

Abstract bubble photography.

I spent couple of hours at home this afternoon to shoot these in my living room with the lighting coming only from the window. Enjoy and do let me know what you think. I will spend some time doing more abstract photography in the coming weeks while I am working on my next travel plan.

I could have cleaned up those tiny bubbles in Photoshop to make the image cleaner, but then I thought to just present them here as they are first. Maybe next time I cleaned them up. See more bubbles below. MORE +