Bi Titi

Her name is Titi and she is a very kind person. She worked at the house where I rented a room during my university days in Bandung, Indonesia. I lived there for almost five years. She was standing at the door, in front of the kitchen and my room was just next to this kitchen. This shot was taken in early 2006, 12 years after I graduated and left that city to look for a job elsewhere. When I came to visit, the rooms there were no longer rented out to students. The owner of the house had passed away and the house was only used as a vacation home by the owner’s children.MORE +

On the Streets of Jakarta – Shooting from the Cab

On the Streets of Jakarta – Shooting from the Cab, taken in January 2006 is a series of photographs that I took when I was in a cab from home to work and vice versa. I was in Jakarta for few days then and was taking a cab every morning and after work. I brought my camera with me everyday and decided to shoot from inside the cab. Isn’t that a good way to forget about the traffic jam?

All these photos are from the original posts in my old photoblog that won the Photobloggies’ Best South East Asian Photoblogs in 2007. The border and the credit line in each photo were all there in the original photos. I decided to keep them intact.MORE +

Playing Chinese Chess – 2006

I am slowly re-posting my old photos from the old blog that I have unfortunately deleted after changing the design of my website few times. Here are photos from the posts I made back in 2006. They were taken in Chinatown, Singapore. The above photo was shown on the UK Black and White Magazine in August 2006.MORE +

My First Solo Photography Exhibition

Some people have asked before about my first solo photography exhibition which I did in Manila in 2008. It was at the OWG Art Gallery, Makati, Philippines, from 17 June to 17 July 2008. The title of the exhibition was Human and Nature. See some other details that the gallery posted on their website about the exhibition.

So, for those of you who missed the exhibition and have asked me lately, here are the photos exhibited almost 2 years ago. I still have nine of these photographs from the exhibition gracing the walls of my home now in Singapore.

The first image below is the invitation card that the gallery printed for me.MORE +

Salagubang Wrestling

Salagubang is a kind of beetle found in the Philippines. The above photo shows two salagubang, connected by a splinter clipped on their wings, wrestling to push each other out of the circle drawn on the ground where the children played. The winner is obviously the one who manage push the other one out of the circle. The game is popular among children there. This was shot at the Manila North Cemetery, Philippines back in 2007.

Sunset at Montemar Beach

Montemar beach is located in the Bataan Province, about 3 hour drive from Manila. When the weather is good during sunset, you can see the sun going down in the horizon, similar to what you can see in Kuta, Bali. The photo above was taken when the sun was already below the horizon during the short golden moment after sunset when you can still see nice color of the sky. Exposure was 1 minute at f/13 and ISO 400.

One Morning with a Bimmer

Car photography is fun I have to admit, even though is different that what I normally shoot for and this blog. More so when you find a good place to do it. A friend of mine asked me to shoot his car last week and we drove around the east area for few hours in the morning with a quick stop for the famous nasi lemak at Changi Village. We started early but soon the sun was too hot after couple of hours. MORE +