FREE Photo – the Bandstand

The Bandstand at Singapore Botanic Gardens

Free photo for everyone. I am giving away this photo of the Bandstand at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Please feel free to download the high resolution file here. You can use the photo for any NON-commercial purpose, such as wallpaper for your computer monitor, your iPhone wallpaper, your personal artwork or scrapbooking, or you can print it, frame it and hang it to grace the wall in your house. You cannot sell the photo and please do not claim it as yours and host it on your website for future download for others. Please always refer others to this blog entry for them to download.

Hope you enjoy the photograph and please keep coming back for more updates. Thank your for your support! Cheers everyone!

Drunk in Bali

Never happen to me, but maybe this is what people see when they are drunk. I don’t know but I was too bored and decided to play with my lens’ manual focus ring and purposely set it to be out of focus. The photos were taken at Legian, Bali.MORE +

Odalan at Legian Bali

Odalan at Legian Kaja Bali

Odalan is a Hindu ceremony in Bali to celebrate the anniversary of a temple. Based on their traditional calendar, it is celebrated every 6 months, or to be exact, every 210 days. The one I saw above was at the Legian Kaja temple at Legian, near Kuta. Unfortunately I was not allowed to go inside the temple. This could be different from one temple to another though. I read before that some temples allow visitors to come in during the ceremony. So I was only shooting from the road side just outside of the temple. Good thing that the temple was full and some worshipers had to sit outside, so I could shoot some activities. MORE +

Sunset at Seminyak Beach Bali

A Surfer on a Bike on Seminyak Beach

Kuta, Legian and Seminyak share a long stretch of beach in the west coast of Bali. And hence the usual beautiful sunset in Kuta can be viewed from either one of them. The wet portion of the dark fine sand beach will serve as a mirror and give you nice reflection to add into the composition.MORE +

Kbal Spean Waterfall

Kbal Spean is located in Cambodia, about 90 minutes ride from Siem Reap and then another 45 minute uphill trekking. It is also known as the valley of 1000 lingas. When the water is low or none at all during dry season,  you can see clearly the beautiful carvings on the stones on the river bed. There are also few small waterfall and couple bigger ones. I decided not to bring my tripod with me due to the uphill trekking required to reach this place. I left the tripod with the tuk tuk driver.

As I wanted to shoot at slow shutter speed to create that silky smooth effect on the water, I had to rest the camera on a rock to avoid handshake. I had to almost lie down on my tummy in order to get the angle I wanted above.

Alomost Late for School

The school bell just rang when I saw these two students ran. They knew they would be late if they didn’t run. Photo taken at Po Langka Primary School in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

A Change (again)

I decided to make a change (again) to my website for few reasons:

  • I would like to have full control over my website and want to be able to make changes by myself without having to ask other people to do it for me (the developer).
  • Patience is a virtue, they said, but patience has a limit too. Sometimes, when you are unlucky, it can be very frustrated working with a developer, so I decided to do things myself now. I have to learn, but I am happy.
  • I have been waiting for too long for the full functionalities of the online shopping cart to be up and running for me. I decided to use something better out there. I am considering both Photoshelter and Zenfolio. I am more inclined toward Photoshelter for now.

So … I started the change for the blog portion and I decided to use WordPress. The online gallery with its online shopping functionalities will come soon, but I do not want to bring down the website for too long, thus I activated the blog portion first.

However, there was one thing that I didn’t do. I did not import my old blog entries from EE to WordPress so I lost them. But considering I am now able to control my own website, I am happy. I can rewrite some of those blog entries.

Thanks so much to those who have kept coming back to check. Very much appreciated.

A Blue Vespa

A Blue Vespa

A Blue Vespa parked along the Bali Lane

Saw this cool vintage blue vespa parked along the Bali Lane near Arab street, Singapore.

Back from Cambodia

Sunrise at Angkor Wat - 1

Sunrise at Angkor Wat - 1

Sunrise at Angkor Wat - 2

Sunrise at Angkor Wat - 2

I went to Siem Reap, Cambodia in October 2009 and came back with an intention to fly there again one day as I was not able to spend enough time exploring the place under the right light. I did get a number of images I like, but I was hoping for more. So … till we meet again Cambodia and I will make sure I am ready for the sunrise shoot every morning at the Angkor Wat.MORE +

Embrace the Noise

Panning Shot - A biker on Victoria Street in Singapore

A Biker on Victoria Street, Singapore

Shooting at high ISO is sometimes necessary, especially when shooting in low light condition and if you are like me, prefer not to use flash. Bumping up the ISO to 800, 1600 or even 3200 is fine if that helps you achieve a higher shutter speed to help freeze the subject and reduce the handshake. Current generation of digital cameras produce wonderful pictures at high ISO with very minimal noise. Let’s forget about pixel peeping. I am not shooting for a cover of fashion magazine. Few of the latest digital cameras have high ISO up to 12800 and 25600. You don’t have to go that extreme of course, but if you own one of those cameras, just don’t forget that you have that option if you have to.MORE +

Thaipusam Festival 2010

Thaipusam Festival is a big Hindu festival celebrated by the Tamil community in Singapore. It’s also a big festival in Malaysia. I would encourage you all to read the information about this festival here. 
The festival in 2010 was on Saturday, 30 January, and the prayers and body piercing activities at the temple started as early as 2am in the morning. I arrived at the temple at about 3am and it was very packed but very well organized. Devotees and their families would pick a spot (which I believe was pre-arranged to avoid chaos)  to prepare their kavadis and offer their prayers. You would then start to witness the body piercing activities and no blood at all. Amazing!. Loud music was everywhere and I have to admit that I felt the ambience of the place was, for the lack of better word, a bit mystical. I saw some people went into a trance, but was not for long usually. 
After they’re done with the prayers, body piercing and other preparations, they started their journey of faith, walking barefoot to another temple which was about 4 kms away. Some of them carried big kavadis, some of them carried milk pots which were hanged with hooks pierced on their bodies. Most women carried milk pots on their heads.

What a celebration of faith !MORE +

Sharing Space with the Dead

As I walked further inside, I saw rubbles. They looked like they belonged to a house before. I also saw people selling stuffs like snacks, candies, cigarettes and also food. I heard music from somebody’s room or house. I caught a glimpse of TV program being watched by someone in their living room. I saw women washing clothes. I saw children studying and playing. I heard children’s laughter. I saw people having their meals together. All the streets there have name even though the houses have no number. MORE +

Chasing Light at Rawa Pening

Sunrise At Rawa Pening

I made an appointment with the taxi driver to pick me up at about 3am the next morning at my hotel in Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia. My destination would be the Rawa Pening lake, about two and a half hour drive from the city of Yogyakarta. And I knew that I had to be quick and I was taking a risk as my return flight to Jakarta would be at noon on the same day.MORE +